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Information for buyers of short sale properties in North Carolina.

Don’t Fall Victim to a Mortgage Relief Scam

Have you thought about looking for an “”easy-fix” for mortgage problems you are experiencing? Don’t sign up for just any program. Due to an increasing amount of scams that take advantage of homeowners, the Federal Trade Commissio FTC has issued regulations protecting consumers against relief fraud.

Everyone could benefit from learning about these regulations and by downloading this free report you can protect yourself from potentially fraudulent activity.

DSNews: Nearly Half of Economists See Double-Dip Before Year End

A recent article by Carrie Bay for DSNews published on March 24th, 2011 stated a survey has found that nearly half of economists see a double-dip in home prices happening before year-end. 111 economists and real estate experts were polled and none of them foresee property values recovering for at least five years. The following is an excerpt from this article,

“The survey was conducted by New Jersey-based MacroMarkets, which was founded by Robert Shiller, real estate sage and namesake of the closely-watched Case-Shiller Home Price Index.

‘Overall, the sentiment among our expert panel regarding the U.S. housing market outlook continues to deteriorate,” Shiller said. “Now they are expecting only a weak recovery, and even that is not until 2013.’

Shiller added, ‘This uninspiring view must be influenced by the persistently weak market fundamentals – high

unemployment, supply overhang, an unabated foreclosure crisis, and constrained mortgage credit.’ ”

Just a few months ago, in December 2010, a similar survey showed only 15 percent of economists predicting a double-dip. Terry Loebs, MacroMarkets managing director gives insight in the DSNEws article,

“Loebs believes many more experts are now projecting a double-dip after witnessing what he describes as “the double-dead cat bounce” that came in the wake of expired government stimulus programs, namely the homebuyer tax credits.

The half of the panel that’s forecasting a new low for home values may not be too far off base.

Loebs notes that after weak performance in the last quarter of 2010, actual home prices at the national level are now less than 1 percent away from establishing a new post-crash low, and several firms that conduct regular price studies have already warned that the numbers are edging dangerously close to double-dip territory.”

Full Article

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The short sale has gone upscale

The short sale has gone upscale.

As the stress on the economy continues, more homeowners are having difficulty paying their mortgages. The “mortgage crisis” as it is now known, is impacting homeowners across a much broader range of the economic spectrum. Nancy Braun, Owner and Broker-in-Charge of Showcase Realty, is seeing that in addition to low and moderately priced homes, upscale and even luxury homes are experiencing mortgage issues and have become part of the short sale market.

“The choice for a homeowner to sell as a short sale emerges when a homeowner has a mortgage balance that is greater than current fair market value of their home and there is a change in circumstance that makes it difficult for the homeowner to stay current on their mortgage,” Braun says, “Much like applying for a mortgage, the owner must apply with the lender for a short sale and will need to show a hardship of some kind. If this hardship is acknowledged by the lender and the home is then sold with the consent of the lender, the remaining portion of the loan is typically forgiven. Although in some cases lenders reserve the right to seek a deficiency judgment against the individual for the unpaid portion of the loan.”

In 2010, 51% of Mecklenburg county sales involved mortgages in trouble (only 49% were traditional market sales between a willing buyer & seller).

Foreclosures of luxury homes in Mecklenburg, Union and surrounding counties have grown dramatically in the past year and these homeowners need to know they have options before they lose their home to the bank. A foreclosure can have devastating effects on a homeowner; they may be denied a security clearance, incur substantial damage to their credit, and have to disclose to potential employers and are subject to a deficiency judgment. A short sale is an alternative to foreclosure that typically has less of an adverse impact on a homeowner.

“Our firm specializes in distressed property sales, and we expect the volume high-end transactions to continue to increase in the summer months ahead. In fact we have opened a new office in Matthews that will specialize in the luxury distress market, staffed with agents that specialize in the luxury market,” Braun added.

January 2012 Carolina Multiple Listing Service reported 2074 homes listed over $500,000 but only 72 homes sold in that price range (only 3% of the properties listed actually sold). As a result, there is a 29 month supply of luxury homes on the market.

Braun said many lenders have streamlined the short-sale process and are now more receptive to short sales, which has helped make the short sale a dominant force in the housing market. Short sales are averaging between 50 and 60 days. Some are done in less time and others can take longer but this is a shorter time period than it was one year ago. They experience fewer costs in a short sale, and the homeowner often remains in the home until it closes so the home is maintained and shows better while it is on the market.

Luxury Home Short Sales Grow in Importance

The luxury market is facing increasing pressure, aggravated by credit market difficulties in the jumbo mortgage market. Limited loan availability, higher than usual interest rates for jumbo loans and stringent loan qualifying requirements have slowed sales of luxury properties.

The lack of refinancing opportunities, fewer qualified buyers for luxury homes, a growing inventory of unsold luxury homes, and an economy in recession are all creating the “perfect storm” for luxury homeowners who need to sell and can’t.

Looking for a Good Deal in the Luxury Market? Team Up With a Luxury Home Specialist

Buyers can find incredible deals in the luxury market. It is a fantastic time to move up or simply purchase your dream home at a substantial discount. Showcase can assist you with finding a bank-owned home, short sale or otherwise motivated seller in this unique economic housing market. .

Showcase Realty has an expertise in the distressed real estate market. Nancy Braun and her Short Sale team have earned the nationally recognized Certified Distress Property Expert Designation (CDPE). If you are considering selling or purchasing a home you should consult with Showcase’s agents during these economic challenging times.

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**This article was featured in the March 2011 issue of At Home Magazine.