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👍Why You Should Choose Us to Be Your Charlotte Short Sale Agents

Charlotte short sale agents

A short sale is no small task. 

Are you a struggling homeowner facing foreclosure? Are you thinking about selling your home in a short sale? Before making any decisions, it’s important to consider all options. Make sure a short sale is the best choice given your unique situation. It's also important to understand Charlotte foreclosures and short sales. 

Understanding Charlotte NC Short Sales

A short sale is the sale of real estate that generates proceeds less than the amount owed on the property. The lender agrees to let you sell the property and to accept the proceeds in exchange for releasing the mortgage lien. In this kind of transaction, your Charlotte short sale agent will need to work with your lender in order to get approval to sell your home for less than the amount owed.

A short sale is only for homeowners who are facing a hardship, such as unemployment or severe reduction in income, divorce, bankruptcy, medical emergency, transferring to a job out of town, or death of a co-homeowner. The homeowner must also have an upside-down mortgage.

A short sale negotiation process with a bank is very complex and time-consuming. In today’s market, the right agent with short sale experience is a key individual in the process of avoiding foreclosure.

You will need the expertise of a short sale expert like me, Nancy Braun. My team and I specialize in short sales and we are more than willing to assist you in finding a favorable solution for your situation.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us as your short sale agents:

We are experienced

Just like in any other business, experience is important. Choosing the right short sale agent with unquestionable experience is necessary for a successful transaction.

In fact, experience is the most important characteristic when hiring a Charlotte NC short sale agent. If you make the mistake of hiring an agent who lacks the necessary experience, the short sale could result in exactly what is intended to be avoided, foreclosure. If the short sale agent has inadequate experience dealing with loss mitigation and negotiators, you will be the one who will suffer in the long run.

Don’t get swept away by a slick, silver-tongued agent who might claim to be a short sales specialist. Today, it’s quite common for some agents to refer to themselves as short sale specialists after completing a short sale class. A short sale class, even one which results in certification, does not necessarily make an agent a short sale agent. Although a short sale class is good, it does not guarantee that the agent has learned anything nor that there is any significant information to be gained from the certification instructor.

The good news is our team at Showcase Realty have successfully represented both sellers and buyers in completing short sale transactions. We know fully well that our job entails much more than putting the listing into MLS and throwing up a For Sale sign. We understand the complexities of the short sale process and we know how critical the deadlines are.

Charlotte NC short sale agents

We are Tech Savvy

The Internet has changed the way buyers and sellers shop for real estate. We understand the need to become tech-savvy to meet the shift in the industry and stay ahead of our game. With technology moving the real estate industry forward in leaps and bounds, it makes sense to work with agents who know how to use technology to your advantage.

My team and I use top marketing strategies, technology, and systems to give our  clients cutting-edge results, at top dollar, and in the least amount of time. We have the support, technology, background, and experience to attract the most qualified potential buyers. Our network of people, education, resources,  and expertise will work to your advantage.

We are Professional

Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality, innovative, and exceptional real estate service. We always adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical business practices. We practice honesty and integrity at all times and in all situations.  

We are organized, transparent and responsive. We always make time for clients and will never make them feel like they are not a priority. In addition, we have good references, an excellent track record, and a reputation to be proud of. Our team stays on top of the details, carefully guiding our clients through the entire process, from contract to close.

Contact us now at 704-997-3794! We’re here to help you every step of the process.

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✋What Are the Top Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid in a Short Sale?

Charlotte Short Sale Agents

Are you considering a short sale? 

Do you need to sell your underwater Charlotte NC home? A short sale is a great option. Although it is neither quick nor stress-free, it provides homeowners a way to get out of a difficult mortgage situation and avoid foreclosure.

However, if not handled properly, the deal can fall through, backfire, and even end in foreclosure.

If you are seriously considering doing a short sale, you need to steer clear of these common seller mistakes:

Mistake #1: Incorrect Pricing

For a short sale to be successful, your home should be priced appropriately, not too high and not too low. The price should also be appealing to the short sale bank, the buyer’s agent, and the buyer’s lender.

Remember that a well-priced short sale will sell quickly. It is an art that involves some give and take.

Mistake #2: Insufficient Marketing

Some agents convince sellers that pricing is the only thing that will attract buyers to a short sale. That is not true!

As a Certified Short Sale Seller, I know a short sale needs the same level of marketing that regular listings receive. Your property has to be exposed to the widest possible range of buyers by utilizing an established online marketing strategy. In addition, your online listings should present several photographs showing that the home is in good condition.

Charlotte Short Sale Agents

Mistake #3: No photos

Another major mistake that you should avoid is submitting a listing without good quality photographs. A listing without pictures sends a negative message because it makes buyers think that there’s probably something wrong with the home. Moreover, on the top realtor sites, listings with more photos get the lion’s share of page views.

Mistake #4: Poor maintenance

Like other properties, short sales need to be staged in a way that appeals to buyers. Sellers need to prepare the home for sale and keep it in excellent condition. Even a lower price will not compensate for lack of maintenance. The house should be kept pristine until the sale goes through.

You have to patch up holes, make the beds, clean the carpets, repaint the walls, and keep up with the yard work to appeal to buyers. Don't give prospective buyers any reason to fear the house will be in shambles upon vacating.

Mistake #5: Choosing an inexperienced agent

A short sale differs in a number of ways from a traditional home sale. Short sales can drag on for months, and it is best to hire a Charlotte NC short sale agent with extensive experience.

That would be me, Nancy Braun. I have recently earned the first and only North Carolina state specific Certified Short Sale Seller designation.

My team and I have successfully represented both sellers and buyers in completing short sale transactions. We will be your trusted resource and guide throughout the entire short sale process. 

Call us today at 704-997-3794 if you have any questions about short sales or are ready to take the next step in putting your Charlotte NC home on the market as a short sale.

We look forward to working with you!

In case you cannot view this video here, please click the link below to view What Are the Top Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid in a Short Sale? on my YouTube channel:

Helpful Short Sale Video Guide

Bank of America posted brand new videos that I found to be extremely helpful for agents, on several different complicated topics in regards to the rules of short sales. The first one and what I felt was most important is called, “Initiating the Short Sale”.

What exactly is a Short Sale?
An alternative to a foreclosure
An investor accepts an amount less than what is owed on the mortgage
Investor guidelines will determine the eligibility for short sale and foreclosure postponement

Short Sale Assistance:
– Can be up to #3,000 for Relocation
– Possibly eligible for HAFA  (Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives) program

How to Qualify for HAFA:
– It must be your primary residence
– The mortgage must have originated on or before January 1, 2009
– Delinquencies or default must be foreseen
– All HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) options must be exhausted
– Unpaid principle balance must be less than $729,750 for 1-unit properties (varies per amount of units – cannot be more than 4)

CLICK HERE to see an informational video that goes more in-depth with these short sale processes

CLICK HERE to read more about our Short Sale specialist at Showcase Realty, and what some of his clients had to say about him!

A personal experience with our short sale specialist

Michael Simonini“I would like to commend Michael Simonini of Showcase Realty for coming to my rescue and helping me favorably part with investment properties I had in North Carolina. In 2006, I purchased a few properties hoping to rent them but, was unable to do so; I found myself paying these mortgages on my own. After several years I was no longer in the position to continue making payments and therefore, started to receive foreclosure notices. For anyone facing foreclosure, you know how frustrating and difficult it is trying to work with your lender to salvage your credit and at the same time preserve your dignity. I reside in New York, which posses many challenges because I was not able to regularly travel to North Carolina in order to maintain these properties or meet with realtors to list these properties for sale.

“In December 2009, after countless hours of internet searches and telephone conversations trying to locate a realtor in North Carolina, I was referred to Showcase Realty by GMAC Mortgage. Showcase Realty was instrumental in successfully obtaining short sale on these properties. I am extremely grateful and fully satisfied with the high level of professionalism received from the staff at Showcase Realty. I can assure you, Showcase Realty will be by your side every step of the way in assisting to find a favorable solution for your situation. In the future, if I am in the position to purchase properties in North Carolina I will not hesitate to contact Showcase Realty. I am confident in highly recommending Showcase Realty for all your real estate needs.”

Brian M., New York

Many struggle to keep their homes after losing a job… Help is out there!

According to and a recent national survey taken last month, 1 in 3 Americans would not be able to afford their mortgage after only ONE MONTH of being unemployed!

Many people feel that they are the only ones living paycheck-to-paycheck, but 61% of those surveyed said that they would not be able to keep up with their mortgage or rent payments within 5 months or less of being unemployed. This also includes those with higher annual incomes, who also admitted that they could not guarantee that they could afford the payment following losing their jobs.

There are several options to choose from when this occurs that is much less devastating then being foreclosed on, including special government programs like HUD’s Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program.

If you cannot afford to keep your home, but still would like to refrain from the damage of a foreclosure – short sales are the way to go!

To learn more about short sales, how they will benefit you and the easiest way to go about doing it, visit Showcase Realty or call our short sale expert at 704-889-5600.

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