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Short Sale Advisors is a division of Showcase Realty, a Full Service Real Estate Firm specializing in Short Sales. We have the expertise, training and certification to manage your short sale effectively.

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Are you or someone you know behind on their mortgage payments? Facing Foreclosure? Or owe more than their home is worth?

If so, you have found the right place!  Take advantage of this opportunity immediately and call or email us TODAY to see if you qualify!

To get answers to any of your short sale questions, please scroll down to the form below, submit your information, and we will contact you shortly.

What We Do: We work as hard as possible to help you get your short sale property sold in the shortest amount of time possible.  How do we do this? By managing the entire process including listing, negotiations, and closing.

What this does for you: By settling your account with a lender quickly, you can benefit financially and limit the impact to your credit.  A short sale provides you with immediate closure and enables a fresh start.  We remove the heavy burden, and provide you with more free time to focus on positive activities and find new income opportunities.

We work to aggressively with you to assess your current debt  so that a property can be sold quickly to cash-ready buyers.  Essentially, we create a ”pre-approved’ short sale process that enables you to close faster.

Should you have questions about the Carolina real estate market, specifically deficiency judgments and promissory notes, forgiven debt, and how it applies to your situation, we can help you out.  We have helped many homeowners in North and South Carolina and have years of experience.

We also work with local real estate attorneys and most lenders who can help fast-track short sale submissions.

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