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Don’t Fall Victim to a Mortgage Relief Scam

Have you thought about looking for an “”easy-fix” for mortgage problems you are experiencing? Don’t sign up for just any program. Due to an increasing amount of scams that take advantage of homeowners, the Federal Trade Commissio FTC has issued regulations protecting consumers against relief fraud. Everyone could benefit from learning about these regulations and […]

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DSNews: Nearly Half of Economists See Double-Dip Before Year End

A recent article by Carrie Bay for DSNews published on March 24th, 2011 stated a survey has found that nearly half of economists see a double-dip in home prices happening before year-end. 111 economists and real estate experts were polled and none of them foresee property values recovering for at least five years. The following is an […]

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Research Firm Says U.S. Housing Has Never Been This Undervalued (DSNews)

The research firm, Capital Economics, has found that housing has never been this undervalued, according to an article by Carrie Bay published in DSNews. The following is an excerpt from the article. “The continuing depreciation of residential property values at the end of last year has made housing look more undervalued relative to income than ever […]

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