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DSNews: Nearly Half of Economists See Double-Dip Before Year End

A recent article by Carrie Bay for DSNews published on March 24th, 2011 stated a survey has found that nearly half of economists see a double-dip in home prices happening before year-end. 111 economists and real estate experts were polled and none of them foresee property values recovering for at least five years. The following is an […]

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Only 14% of newly delinquent Bank of America mortgages qualify for HAMP (Housing Wire)

In an article by Jon Prior published in HousingWire yesterday, of 100 Bank of America mortgages that have reached 60 day delinquency sampled, only 14% qualified for the HAMP program. The following is an excerpt from this article. “The Home Affordable Modification Program came under fire at the end of February from lawmakers claiming it has caused […]

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Research Firm Says U.S. Housing Has Never Been This Undervalued (DSNews)

The research firm, Capital Economics, has found that housing has never been this undervalued, according to an article by Carrie Bay published in DSNews. The following is an excerpt from the article. “The continuing depreciation of residential property values at the end of last year has made housing look more undervalued relative to income than ever […]

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DSNews: FHA Commissioner Says Short Refi Program Necessary for Recovery

The following is a portion of an article published by DSNews today, March 3rd, 2011, regarding the short refi program. “As the House prepares to debate on the future of the Federal Housing Administration’s Short Refinance option, FHA Commissioner David Stevens implored House subcommittee members to give the program a chance. The program is a […]

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