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How to do a short sale in Charlotte NC?

Charlotte NC Short Sale

No homeowner wants to face a foreclosure. However, certain things may happen that could result in your failure to make the monthly mortgage payments and plunge you into the distressing prospect of losing your home. Instead of going through the lengthy and dreaded foreclosure process, you can do a short sale on your home in […]

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Don’t Fall Victim to a Mortgage Relief Scam

Have you thought about looking for an “”easy-fix” for mortgage problems you are experiencing? Don’t sign up for just any program. Due to an increasing amount of scams that take advantage of homeowners, the Federal Trade Commissio FTC has issued regulations protecting consumers against relief fraud. Everyone could benefit from learning about these regulations and […]

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Only 14% of newly delinquent Bank of America mortgages qualify for HAMP (Housing Wire)

In an article by Jon Prior published in HousingWire yesterday, of 100 Bank of America mortgages that have reached 60 day delinquency sampled, only 14% qualified for the HAMP program. The following is an excerpt from this article. “The Home Affordable Modification Program came under fire at the end of February from lawmakers claiming it has caused […]

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