Nancy Braun Attends Open Door Institute’s REO Expo! 

 June 14, 2010

By  Nancy Braun

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June 14, 2010

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Nancy Braun of Women in Defaut Serivces Attends Open Door Institute’s REO Expo

Charlotte, North Carolina – Nancy Braun, Showcase Realty, recently attended the first annual Open Door Institute REO Expo held recently at the Dallas Hyatt Hotel.

According to Nancy Braun, the REO Expo brought together more than 1,500 real estate agents, brokers, asset managers and vendors that came to the event in Dallas, including nearly 100 members of Women in Default Services (WinDS), of which Braun is a member..

“We were excited to see so many WinDS members attending this special event,” said Braun, who indicated that over 40 additional attendees joined WinDS.. “Our growing mortgage default servicing industry trade association, which was created by, for, and about women, to receive training, education and mentoring designed to enhance their knowledge about the latest trends in the default servicing industry were well served by attending the REO Expo.”

The REO Expo was put on by the Open Door Institute, part of REO Insider, whose parent company is the LTV Group. The inaugural event featured noted economist Christopher Thornberg and NFL Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith, who gave a memorable and inspiring motivational presentation, as well as many industry leaders and who discussed a myriad of issues affecting the mortgage default industry and the general economy.

“Our trade association is focused on recognizing the contributions and advancing the careers of women professionals who are employed in some capacity related to resolving the real estate lending and foreclosure crisis,” said WinDS Executive Director, Shelley Kaye. “The REO Expo was an excellent educational and networking opportunity that we encouraged our members to attend because we felt it would enhance our mission.”

The default services business comprises a multitude of disciplines and a wide variety of activities that are essential to the goal of handling the glut of foreclosed properties negatively impacting the entire U.S. economy. Women are playing a huge part in this business and are seeking a better platform to lead and share their ideas for solving the crisis. Although many of the large lending, servicing, and property maintenance firms are headed by men, there are notable exceptions.

“The members of WinDS, are involved at all levels within this niche of real estate,” according to Kaye. “Many of these successful members own their companies, while others are engaged as independent contractors or employees at firms of all sizes in every state.

“There is a renewed emphasis on finding qualified service providers who are women and minorities. One of the main purposes for WinDS is to attract the attention of business sources, such as REO asset managers with corporate or government-owned portfolios, so they can connect with qualified women to meet the needs associated with liquidating those properties.

For more information about WinDS you can call Nancy Braun at 704-889-5600 or you may visit their web site at www.CharlotteREOBroker.com, www.ShowcaseRealty.net or www.WomeninDS.com.

Nancy Braun

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