Nancy Braun Attends REOMAC Fall Summit 

 October 26, 2010

By  Nancy Braun

Nancy Braun just returned from the REOMAC Fall Summit in Hollywood, Florida. Not only was she an attendee of this very informative conference, but she was also asked to speak during one of the “Breakout Sessions”. The session she presented during was titled, “Raising the Ante: How to Take Your REO Shop to the Next Level” giving help to those Realtors who are following in her footsteps and looking to grow their business to the next plateau. Nancy and three of her colleagues helped inform their audience by answering the following questions: how to maximize and grow office operations, how to manage and minimize reimbursement losses, how to maximize office space and/or equipment, how to monitor and discern market trends, and more. By presenting during this session, Nancy and her colleagues spread information they’ve learned from their own experiences and are helping new REO agents grow.
Nancy Braun has a wealth of knowledge in this arena because of her more than 14 years experience in the real estate market and because she has owned her own REO Shop since 2008, Showcase Realty, LLC. She is always looking for opportunities to help other agents just starting out as well as anyone dealing with distressed properties in any form. If you or anyone you may know is in need of help with foreclosures, short sales or distressed properties, Showcase Realty would be more than happy to help. Take the first step towards getting answers by clicking here and contacting us.

Below is a picture Nancy took at the REOMAC Fall Summit of Christopher Thornberg, Ph.D. of Beacon Economics, while presenting during the Town Hall Session. This Session included representatives of the mortgage industry dicussing the economy, loss mitigation efforts, class action lawsuits, legislation and more. The other presenters of this session were Michael Gutierrez of Standard and Poor’s and Rick Sharga of Realty Trac.

Christopher Thornberg, Ph.D., of Beacon Economics

Nancy Braun

Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. Let’s talk about your needs and wants in a home.

Nancy Braun

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