What Is the Most Common Alternative to a Short Sale in Charlotte, NC? 

 July 10, 2021

By  Nancy Braun

In real estate, a short sale occurs when a financially challenged homeowner sells their home for less than the balance owed on their mortgage. But is there an alternative to a short sale?

The most common alternative to a Short Sale in Charlotte, NC will most likely end up with a new payment plan, loan modification, and in some cases, foreclosure of the property. 

Short Sales Charlotte NC

In a short sale, the property is purchased by a 3rd person (not the lender), and all proceeds go to the lender. The lender either forgives the difference or obtains a deficiency judgment. This might order the borrower to pay the lender the entire or a part of the difference (between the sale price and the mortgage's original value). In some places, a short sale must legally forgive this disparity.

Short sales aren't always the best option. It could take months for a decision to be made, and you may find yourself being rejected by the lender. In addition, only roughly 40% of short sales ever close, even though both the buyer and seller have signed the papers. 

The term "short" in a short sale does not refer to the time it takes to complete the transaction. Instead, it refers to a selling price that is less than the amount owed to the lender by the homeowner. We'll look at the common alternatives to a short sale, the usual short sale process, and the benefits and drawbacks of this form of property sale in this post. We'll also share why hiring the right Charlotte NC short sales agent is crucial for your transactions.

What is worse: a short sale or foreclosure? 

A foreclosure is worse than getting a short sale. A short sale, commonly referred to as a pre-foreclosure sale, occurs when you sell your house for less than the unpaid debt on your mortgage. You can sell your home and use the cash to pay off a portion of your mortgage balance if your mortgage provider approves a short sale. 

You may be asked to make a financial commitment toward the debt, depending on your circumstances. Still, after the short sale is completed, you will be freed of your obligation to pay any remaining balance—known as a "deficiency waiver."

A short sale Charlotte, NC, is a viable alternative to foreclosure if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are you unable to refinance or change your mortgage because you are ineligible?
  • Are you dealing with a long-term problem?
  • Are you having trouble making your mortgage payments?
  • You owe more on your house than it's worth, and you haven't been able to sell it for enough to pay off your mortgage.
  • Are you ready or required to leave your home because you can no longer afford it?

Lenders can seek a deficiency judgment in most jurisdictions, which means they can sue homeowners for the difference between the sale price of the home and the amount still outstanding on the mortgage. In most circumstances, lenders will waive the outstanding sum. However, they are not required to do so.

When banks and other lending institutions authorize short sales in non-recourse states, the debt is considered satisfied. Lenders in these states are prohibited from collecting deficits once a short sale has been approved. What's the good news? The non-recourse states include North Carolina. 

Short Sale Agents Charlotte NC

What is the most common alternative to a short sale?

Before you accept a short sale, speak with your lender about the potential of a new payment plan or a loan modification. One of these choices may allow you to remain in your house while regaining your footing.

If you have private mortgage insurance (PMI), you have another option for staying in your house . Many homeowners who put less than 20% down on property were obliged to purchase PMI. If the PMI firm believes you have a reasonable possibility of getting out of your current financial condition, it may advance funds to your lender to catch up on your payments. 

Charlotte NC Short Sales

What is loan modification?

A loan modification is when a lender alters the conditions of an existing loan. For example, this could entail a lower interest rate, a more extended payback period, a different type of loan, or any combination.

If a borrower is frequently unable to repay the original debt, then these alterations might be made. In addition, some borrowers may be eligible for government mortgage loan support.

What is PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)?

A borrower may be required to buy private mortgage insurance (PMI) as a prerequisite of obtaining a traditional mortgage loan. When a homebuyer pays a deposit of less than 20% of the home's purchase price, most lenders mandate PMI.

The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of a mortgage exceeds 80% when a borrower makes a down payment of less than 20% of the property's worth (the higher the LTV ratio, the higher the risk profile of the mortgage for the lender).

Why do short sales take so long? 

Short sales and foreclosure transactions will remain with us for the coming years. Many homeowners are still underwater. They may encounter a situation in the years ahead that forces them to sell at a loss, such as a job change or divorce. 

Charlotte NC short sales occur when the property's loan balance is greater than the sale price minus all closing costs. A short sale is when a seller asks the bank to accept less than the full amount owing. The seller's bank must allow the deal, which might cause significant delays. Short sales cost banks money, so they aren't keen on them. 

Charlotte NC Short Sale Realtor

The buyer and their agent have little influence over the process. However, the listing agent can influence the factors that influence the success of a short sale. Charlotte, North Carolina, short sale Realtors such as Nancy Braun are here to help, and they’re the ones you should be looking for. Nancy and her Showcase Realty short sale agents are experienced in the area and can help you every step of the way with your Charlotte NC short sale.

Don't waste your time on a listing agent who isn't familiar with short sales. Before your offer is accepted, a good short sale listing agent, such as Nancy Braun, Real Estate advisor in Charlotte, NC, will appropriately counsel the seller and have a complete understanding of the bank and its process.

Charlotte NC Short Sale Realtor

How to speed up a short sale?

The greatest strategy to speed up Charlotte NC short sales approval is to make sure the seller's real estate agent is familiar with short sales. The seller's agent communicates with the bank 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If the agent isn't knowledgeable about short sales, expect the process to take a long time.

Nancy Braun, an experienced short sale agent, understands how specific banks operate, what to expect, and how to navigate the legal process best. If opting for a short sale is unavoidable, make sure to hire an expert Charlotte NC Short Sale Realtor. Get help from the top real estate agent in Charlotte, NC, Nancy Braun of Showcase Realty. 

Call me at 704-997-3794 if you need help with a short sale or more information about the process. I will assist you in selling your home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Call me, Nancy Braun, at (704) 997-3794. Let’s talk about your needs and wants in a home.

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